Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old friends, new friends

Today my friend April came over with her two beauties.  April has been one of my besties since the 7th grade!!  She is such a doll and her girls are every bit as lovely.  April and I became friends as young girls, together we dreamed of what life would be when we grew old and now here we are, married with families of our own!!  It just tickles my heart to watch our children play with one another.  There was not one single argument, they all just adored one another and even begged for sleepovers!!  :)  April and I always used to say that we would be old ladies together...I still plan on it!

April and I also used to pretend we were twins, I know funny right?  What can I say we were in high school  middle school. Laugh if you want, but seriously don't you think our kids look like they are related??


  1. All of the kids are adorable... They do look a lot alike :)
    Love all the smiles !!!

  2. They do seriously look alike. Wow.

  3. Cute pictures! I met my best friend in the 7th grade (and we're 37 now). That's a lot of years to get in trouble together!