Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today was a lovely day weather wise.  The sun was shining the humidity was all but gone and there was a light breeze blowing through our open windows.  Open windows you ask?  It really was that lovely...

So one would think that we spent most of the day frolicking outdoors doing "beautiful weather" type activities.  Yes one would think so...think being the main word here.

We didn't spend our day outdoors.  We were grounded.  Well Collin was grounded which meant I was grounded too.  Not so sure I like that too much.  Collin has never been grounded before.  How often does a 4 and half year old even get grounded?  Well it happened hear folks, yes, yes it did.

So what does a 4 year old do in order to get a grounding on such a lovely day?  He speaks to his mommy and his daddy with a sassy mouth, over and over again.  Testing our patience and our parenting to the limits.  I mean the boy was relentless, not at all giving up.  Momma and Daddy always have the last word and unfortunately for him, today the last word was grounded.

Of course he had no idea what that meant, as it has never happened before.  He quickly found out as he watched all his little friends play gleefully outside while he sat crying, separated from them by the paned glass window.  Sorry no friends when you are grounded.

The sass didn't end there so then he was sent to his room for a lengthly amount of time.  He still had a nice view of his friends who happily enjoyed the neighbor's yard.  Still crying, and now separated by two levels of house and a paned glass window.  Sorry dude, you're grounded.

He was supposed to go fishing with daddy.  Unfortunately he lost out on that deal because...you got it, he's grounded!  He asked to go to Grammy's, he says he "hasn't seen her in awhile".  Nice try but  um, grounded.  Can papa Don come over?  Uh, still grounded.

As you can imagine, this was not welcome news to our boy.  What he needs to learn and understand is that a sassy mouth is not welcome in our home, or anywhere else he goes for that matter.

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of "circle of life" deal for all the groundings I got for sassing my own mom...totally sorry mom.  Apparently it's true, what goes around, comes around.

Eventually I learned to tame my sassy mouth (although it does tend to rear it's ugly head now and again) and I am praying that Collin learns to tame his.  Let's pray for sooner rather than later because let's face it people, I'm sick of being grounded!!  :)

I feel it should also be noted that the two photos were taken a few days ago...momma was in no mood for a photo op today!!   

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.
Proverbs 21:23


  1. Oh boy, that circle of life is like a nouse around your neck right now! Hang in there, love. He will figure out that it's best to have you as his friend, not foe, just as you did :) I am glad, though, that he thought of me as an escape route, even though it was only two days ago we saw him. Ha! Love it, not your pain, but that what goes around usually does come around. It sometimes works to your advantage :)

  2. I found your blog a while back and love lurking. But now I must say...I have the sassiest four year old daughter and hadn't even thought about grounding her. But that might just change very soon. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Totally hate being grounded. It just is not fair and they don't understand about us being grounded too. Someone is always grounded around here.