Friday, September 9, 2011


We did it!
We survived preschool drop off!!  
We totally did it!

Look at this big preschool boy!
 Thumbs up and a wink...
 Mads joins in, although she missed the "smile" memo.

 No shortage of hugs...

 Again, Mads felt the need to join in :)
 All smiles on the ride there.
 Watching the others go before us for drop off.

It was at this point that Collin insisted the mammarazzi put the camera to rest.  Am I embarrassing?  Touche!
We pulled up and Ms. Pam met us at the car door.  Collin jumped out without delay.  His teacher opened her arms to greet him with a hug and our sweet boy opened his arms as wide as he could to return the love.  It was at this point that we pulled away and his momma cried.  :)

I wondered about him all afternoon and kept my phone on full blast in the event I would get a phone call from school.  :)  I got to spend some sweet time alone with this beauty...

Collin came out with the same smile he left with, which means that all was well!!  We met him at the classroom door, his teacher called his name and she hugged him as he left.  I absolutely love that they greet each child with a hug as they come in and leave them with the same before they go out.  Helps a momma know that her baby is in loving hands.

Whew it was a long day for everyone!  

I am so grateful that all was well and we made it through our first day!  Too bad "tonight's momma" couldn't have called "last night's momma" just to let her know that there truly was nothing to worry about!  

Here's to a fantastic year!!

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  1. ahhh, those are such adorable little pictures! I love them all! So cute! :)