Friday, October 7, 2011

Holding on

I got in my car around noon to head home from work.  I hadn't even made my way from my parking spot when I noticed a large disgusting looking creature perched on my windshield.  My initial thought was to click on the wipers and send him a flyin, but I decided to let the wind take him for his own ride, imagining this creature would take flight the moment I put the pedal to the metal.

Surprisingly I was very wrong.  I watched this creature's wings shutter in the wind as he stretched his hind legs further and further apart in order to secure his grip on the windshield.  At each stop sign and/or stop light I would watch as he pulled his legs back in, feeling a false sense of security as the car stood still.  The minute the wheels would begin to roll he would again stretch out his legs as he sensed the danger of the whipping wind.

I was seriously amazed at this creature's ability to hang on.  He was big and ugly (as far as insects go) and yet so small against the wind that was raging against him.  I kept wishing I was a passenger instead of the driver because I found him so interesting and didn't want to take my eyes off of him for fear that I would miss the moment when the wind would finally win.  Much to my surprise he clung on for dear life for the entire fifteen minute ride home.  

I couldn't help but feel in awe of our God, who gave even the smallest, and ugliest of creatures, the good sense to "hang on" when life's turbulence hits.  If He gave the bugs the good sense and ability to cling on, then think of how much more He has given to us.  Life is hard, satan is real and his attacks are fierce, BUT God is greater and is only asking that we hang on to Him.  As life's trials come with winds a whippin', stretch yourself and cling on to the God who created you, the driver who won't take His eyes off of you, and let Him drive you home...


  1. Nice analogy. I'll think of bugs differently now. It's good to look for God in everything, b/c He's there, He's always there :)

  2. beautiful! Thanks for such a great reminder, I needed that today!! :)