Sunday, October 9, 2011

Butt checks

Madelyn has a love for the word "butt checks" right now.  She thinks it is hilarious.  She says it often and giggles hysterically.  I try not to make a big deal out of it because otherwise she will use the word even more.  But I have been waiting for it to come out at and an inopportune time...

Oh and come out it sure did, just not exactly how I expected...

Nana met us at castle park tonight and we decided to head to the custard shop up the road before making our way home.  Bob Joe's Custard was closed for the season so we settled for a McD's Mcflurry instead.  Fast forward to the bottom of the melted ice cream cup.  Momma stands to clean the table and Mads stands on her seat because she has to jump to the floor in true Mads fashion.  Unfortunately for momma she grabbed onto my yoga pants mid air and they came down with her.  Yes, yes they did, well only the one side,  but let me assure you there was some butt check.  It happened very fast and momma was quick to get her butt checks snuggled back in their place but still, not my proudest moment!  Unfortunately for me, I was the butt of the joke tonight, literally!!

Butt checks...
ya, very funny Mads, verrrrrrry funny!


  1. How embarrassing but HILARIOUS!!! It's a good thing we love those little ones so much...:)

  2. Another day in the life... what next? ha ha!