Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Snail Mail!

Ok so my kids are being totally spoiled this week with mail!!  We started with post cards from Grammy and Papa and then today we find a package from none other than Jannie!!  They were SO very excited and couldn't wait to tear into it!!

Jannie is always so very sweet to send the kids gifts throughout the year.  It always warms my heart that she loves my kids from states away!  My heart seriously melted today when I realized that not only does she celebrate holidays with us from NH but she also celebrates milestones, like potty training!  Yep, she sent sweet Madsy big girl panties with a note attached...

"Congratulations Madsy!  Enjoy your new big girl panties.  
Love you, Jannie"

Of course she didn't leave Collin out, he got some new Gap underoos as well!!

Everyone should have an aunt Jannie, and I mean everyone!

 Halloween undies, how cute!
 Collin couldn't wait to get into these robot briefs!

 For the love of "butt checks"...

Jannie it may have seemed like small gift on your part but it was a BIG deal to us.  Your thoughtfulness amazes me.  Thank you for always celebrating with us, even if it has to be from states away.  We LOVE you!!


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