Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bowling Night!

Tonight was a fun night for our boy!  We went to family night with his preschool class at the bowling ally.  We left Madelyn with Grammy, Papa, Uncle Dude and Aunt Andi, so she had her fair share of attention as well!  :)

Collin had a GREAT time and so did we!  Loved to see him interact with his teachers!  It is obvious that he adores them and they all had such nice things to say about him.  We are so grateful for the wonderful care that he gets while at school.  Makes it so much easier for a momma to drive away knowing that there are wonderful women there caring for him.  :)

And now for the fun part...

Here is the "mom you are totally embarrassing with your camera" picture...

 A little lesson from daddy...

 He would roll and immediately walk away hurrying to his seat on the step to watch what happened.  
He was a bit shy with the audience.  :)
 He made this face several times on his walk back.  
 Daddy bowled too!
Love these boys.

Collin requested pictures with his teachers, yet another sign that he loves them!

 Ms. Kathy 
 Ms. Pam

Collin has said "I had SO much fun bowling with you tonight" over and over and over, and truth be told, it just gets sweeter every time he says it.  Love this boy and want to savor our time with him as he is growing much too fast!

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  1. So glad he is loving school and new experiences so much. He is off to a great start with a bright future before him!