Sunday, November 13, 2011

Showered with love!

Today we celebrated the upcoming birth of Andi and Michael's baby!!  Mom, Madelyn and I traveled towards Lansing to celebrate with Andi's side of the family, they are all every bit as sweet as she is.  We gathered together in the cutest little restaurant that was perfect for a party!!  So many generous gifts were given, making us all the more excited to meet this precious blessing!!

The happy parents!
 Beautiful mommy!
 Uncle Dude helped Madelyn dig into the cupcakes a little early...
 Andi, her mom Jan and sister Erika

 I love this picture.  This was the first gift Andi opened, a humidifier.  She yelled "YAY".  I am giggling in the background. We always tease her about how excited she gets over everything.  :)  Maybe we should all enjoy and appreciate the simple things as much as Andi does!  Love her~
 Madelyn was busy helping with the presents, such a big girl!
 Sweet thing wore herself right out, didn't even make it 10 minutes into the car ride home before falling asleep!

What a wonderful day spent with fabulous people celebrating a life that will be full of love!  We can't wait to meet our precious addition!

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