Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy~

Today we celebrate the birth of a very special man.  The man I chose to spend my life with.  My best friend.  The man who knows me best, and loves me anyways...

If you know Ryan well, then you know that he is quiet in most social situations, not one to steal the spotlight, but like GG always says "when he decides to speak, everyone listens because it must be important".  :)   Get him home and all bets are off, the man is never serious and always making noise.  I often tease that he is my third child.  His antics can make me nuts, but truth be told, it is near impossible to stay upset at him long.  He just has this carefree way about him that makes you not want to take life so seriously.

Ryan is the most generous, self sacrificing man.  He truly does not need material possessions to make him happy.  He appreciates nice things, but to him, they are just that...things.  Give him money for himself and he will spend it on us.  Always more concerned with his family rather than himself.

Before I ever married him, I knew Ryan would be a phenomenal dad, and he did not disappoint.  Right from the very beginning of their lives he has been a very hands on daddy, changing diapers, getting up for middle of night feedings, clothing them (in random mismatched outfits)  and loving them with his whole heart.  He is fun and adventurous and is always up for excitement.  I am often in awe of his patience even in the middle of the chaos that erupts daily with two littles.  He is everything a daddy should be~

Dear Daddy,
Happy birthday!  Thank you for the new boots that we bought you.  I love you daddy because you are sweet.  You do the best at catching a fish.  Thank you for all the presents you get.    I want to give you a heart.  I love you daddy all the way to the sun~
Happy birthday daddy!

Love Collin

P.S. Cupcake

Dear Daddy,
A teeter totter daddy, a teeter totter.  A slide.  A house.  I love you daddy, happy birthday~


You are loved, truly loved~


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