Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fa la la la la

la la la la...

We put up our Christmas tree this past Tuesday!
The kids were beyond excited.  
I literally walked out of the room for a minute or maybe two and came back to this...
Oh muh gosh.
They emptied it all~
every. last. bit. of it.

There were also a few busted bulbs in the mix for good measure.
You know the ones.
The prettiest ones.
The favorites.
Ya those ones.

Need I say it again,
Oh muh gosh!

Just when I was about to have a heart attack, or stroke due to high blood pressure, I took a breath and remembered that these are the days that need to be savored, cherished, memorized.
Who cares about beautiful bulbs on a Christmas tree.
These two beauties are what make my home every kind of lovely~

Someday I'll have a tree decked with gorgeous bulbs.
And it is on that day that I am sure I will shed tears as my heart will long for the good ole days.
The days when my babies were little.
So I quit counting busted bulbs (though there were many)
and I let my kids decorate until their little hearts were content.
Boy were they proud.
They giggled and danced.
And momma's heart was full.
I do think this is the most beautiful tree ever, not because of what hangs on it, but because of the ones who love it most.

And there, right in the center of the tree, rests the word JOY,
a reminder of how much these two bring into our lives.

 Naughty or nice?
You decide...  :)

Christmas is all the more merry and blessed with these two.
My heart's desire is that our family would never get too wrapped up in the "things" of Christmas but that we would always remember and reflect on the true meaning~
The birth of our savior.
The one from whom all blessings flow.


  1. Big kids break bulbs too... In fact, Andi just broke one last night!!!! :) It is indeed a great time of year, great pics sis, as always!!

  2. Love the pix, they are hilarious! Faves are the ones where they are singing to each other and the "naughty of nice." ha ha, gotta love!!!