Sunday, December 4, 2011

A princess party

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for my friend April's little girl Natalie who is turning 4!  It was technically a "princess party" but they really wanted Collin to come and he actually really enjoyed himself!!  There were also 2 other little boys there as well.  
Tinker Bell (dinker bell as Madelyn calls her) and Sleeping Beauty were there and they told the story of Sleeping Beauty.  The kids were truly captivated by them!  They both had beautiful voices and there was some singing involved.  The girls made princess crowns and the boys made prince swords.  We had pizza and cupcakes and loads of fun!  Bummer that my camera died half way into the party but we were able to capture a few pictures.

Collin even joined in on the toe tappin two step!

Everyone loves a good party!!

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