Wednesday, December 21, 2011


As if yesterday's concert wasn't precious enough
today we were invited to the pre school Christmas play.

Seriously people, Precious with a capital P.

And our sweet Collin was Joseph.  
Look at this face...

I worked this morning and didn't lay out clothes for this love bug to wear.  Apparently he chose his own stage attire and we ended up with a batman shirt and flood worthy pants along with ankle socks.  Someone get the ark because our sugar is ready to play the role of Noah should the flood waters rise.  :)
But seriously, all joking aside, the boy is as cute as can be...
 Let it be noted that the big smile flashed above was when he set his eyes on his sister, who was invited by Ms. Pam to sit in the front row.  She was perfectly quiet.  Whew~

 Keeping his eye on baby Jesus.

Collin you have always been a bright star in our lives.
We love you to pieces, and we are SO very proud of you!


  1. Wasn't he the lead role in the Thanksgivng play as well?!? Looks like he is the star of the class! ;) Glad to see he is back in the good graces of his teachers after the "potty words" incident... HAHA! :)

  2. Sweet and funny, love the get-up!