Thursday, December 22, 2011

A tradition is born

Today we began what is sure to be a new family tradition...
Christmas Cookie Party!!

Seriously so much fun!  
Kara invited all of us to her new house and had everything prepared and ready to go.  The kids were in candy land heaven.

 Have some cookie with your sugar...

 Kelly is profesh.
 A little teamwork.
 Taste tester.

 At least some of the sprinkles actually made it onto a cookie!

 GG and sweet Mak.

Next up...
Donut snowmen!!

So just like that, a family tradition was born!

And I'll end with these three words...

Best!  Family!  Ever!


  1. Each picture tells a story! Love the one of Gabs and Mads working on the snowman! Also noticed you rocked the bokah blur in the cookie close up pix - awesome!

  2. That looks WAY more fun than being at work!!!! Hopefully our gang can be a part of this fun time next year! :)

  3. So much sugar and sweetness !! And I'm not talking about the cookies although they look yummy...I just love your family! :-)