Saturday, January 21, 2012

And soon there will be three

My brother and his wife are days away from meeting their first child.  I think about them often throughout each day.  I pray for their baby and for a safe delivery.  I simply can! not! wait! to meet this bundle.  Auntie Meg~ sounds sweet don't you think?!  I'm excited to hold and snuggle this precious babe.  Can't wait to finally hear whether it's a boy or a girl... then the real shopping can begin!  :)

I'm excited, so very, very excited, to begin my role as Auntie Meg.  Yes, I'm excited for myself, and for my kids and for my whole family as we welcome new life.  But most of all I am spilling over with joy for Michael and Andi...

Michael and Andi,
We are now only days away, no longer counting months or even weeks really, we are down to days!  My heart thumps as I anticipate what is about to happen in your lives, for I know just how much joy this child will bring.  Here I sit in front of my computer, fingers pounding at keys in an attempt to eloquently explain how truly breathtaking an experience parenting will be.  I type, I delete...

Truth be told it's something that can't be explained, this kind of love, therefore I won't even try.  But trust me, it will be fully understood the moment you lay eyes on your newborn babe.  I'll come to meet your sweet child, and we won't even have to exchange words, I'll hug you tight and my momma heart will be saying to yours "I told you so"...

Your dreams and aspirations will no longer be your own, but rather everything you do will be with your child's best interest in mind.   It's a love like you can't begin to imagine,  the greatest that there is, aside from the love God has for you.  You'll be in awe of how God paints a picture of his love for you, using your child as his paintbrush.  Breathtakingly beautiful~

You'll strive to be the very best parent you can be.  You'll yearn for perfection in a way like never before.  No doubt you will sometimes fail, because earthly perfection is unattainable.  If you're like me, you'll even shed tears over your perceived "shortcomings" as a parent.  Don't let those moments defeat you, rather allow them to bring you to your knees, calling on the one and only PERFECT Father remembering always that HE chose YOU!  He breathed life into this child with you in mind.  Humbling, I know, but also very true.  You were chosen and he doesn't make mistakes.  Follow God's direction, allowing Him to be the light which navigates you through the winding roads of parenthood, all the while keeping in mind that this child was his before it was yours.  If your eyes are focused on him, he'll lead, he promised...

My heart began this post in an attempt at giving you a glimpse of the beauty that awaits you.  Words fail me, they simply aren't enough.  You have to live it to truly understand.  And again I am reminded that you are only days away...

Just! days! away!   

Seems as if there is only one thing left to say...welcome to parenthood, I've been waiting for you!  :)


  1. Whoa, huge tears from the momma of both of you! No, words do not fail you Meg when they come from the heart! xoxo

  2. So beautifully said Meg...that miracle newborn babe is already so very blessed ..God could not have chosen a better family to are going to be an awesome Auntie Meg !!