Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet spice

This child is the most beautiful little girl I know.  
She is as precious as they come.
Sweet and tender and hilariously funny.

But sweet mercy, should you cross her she will come after you, guns blazin~

Our gentle giant.  :)

Today I decided to take a few moments to myself and make an attempt at watching a show on tv.  Rarely happens when my children are awake.  I situated both kids in separate rooms making sure they each had themselves busy.  

I barely kicked my feet up when Madelyn came marchin in.

"I want gum"
"No Madelyn we aren't having gum right now."
"But I WANT it"
"No, not right now"

She then proceeds to allow herself to fall prey to a two year old tantrum.  I can't help but smirk.  Rude, I know, but seriously she looks hilarious.  She notices I am not reacting to her desperate pleas for the pink bubble and she literally comes at me WWF style, like jumping from the ropes, you're going DOWN, style.
See dude mid air?

It would seem this would be the perfect opportunity for me to mother her, you know, with a time out or something.
  I digress.
I break out into hysterics. 
I can't help myself.
She is flinging her body wrestle mania style onto mine and is LIVID.    

Why am I laughing?
So not funny.
And yet it is.

Don't worry, she got her time out, and I got a good laugh.
Sometimes you have to laugh, or you might just cry instead.


  1. She packs a powerful punch for a sweet, innocent, little thing! ha ha

  2. Ahh, the 2 year old tantrum... Sometimes I wish I could throw tantrums, just get mad or frustrated and really let it rip! Enjoy the freedom to throw a tantrum while you can, Mads... Enjoy it while you can. ;)