Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big girls sleep in big girl beds

We have a big girl in our house!!
Yep our sweet Madelyn is officially in her big girl bed.
And boy is she ever proud!!

Yesterday was the big day!
We went to the store and let her pick out special sheets~
totally gaudy Dora sheets. 
But the girl thinks they are fantab and as far as she is concerned they are made with gold so who am I to judge?!

I still haven't decided on a comforter, not so sure I can go the gaudy route, we'll have to meet in the middle.  :)

Both babes helped daddy take down the crib where they both spent many a nights.  Bittersweet let me tell ya~

Bedtime routine complete~ check
Jammies, nigh-night, and thumb~ check

Big girl smiles~ check
Sweet dreams my love~

She slept like an angel and came down at 8:00 exclaiming
"It's a sunny day so I can get out of muh big girl bed"

Precious child we love you to pieces.


  1. Aw that is sad to see the crib come down but I'm glad our big lil girl loved her big girl bed!

  2. Wow and she even slept all night without waking up !! What a big girl...xo

  3. So sweet! I'm sure this must've been exciting and also a little sad! I remember when you were pregnant with Collin! It's so hard to believe time flies so fast. Much love to you Sweet Lady, and love to your whole family!!!

  4. Look at your sweet BIG girl! It's such a bittersweet time! So thankful she had a goodnight sleep! I say let her keep her Dora sheets :) She deserves them!!