Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday.
It's been 33 years since I made my grand entrance.  :)
I felt very loved yesterday, I always feel loved, but yesterday I felt especially loved!  
The morning started off early with a call from dad.  He always tries to be the first to wish me a happy birthday.  He always wins and I love that he wants to be first in line to begin handin out the birthday love!!  Mom is always a close second and called not long after he did and sweet Gabs wasn't too far behind her.  Michael and Andi called me together on speaker phone from work, seriously how very sweet is that?!  They even made two attempts.  Can you feel the love?  The sweetest thing is that I was going to see each and every one of these peeps (minus Gabs) after dinner for dessert.  But they didn't let time stand in their way and my heart was very full!  Sometimes it's the little things that speak the loudest~  

Madelyn showered me with a hundred precious 
"happy birthday momma"s in her adorable little voice.  

Collin made sure to get his fair share in too.

Ryan took care of the kids and the house while I read a book in bed.  Always a treat!  

My phone jingled all day with text messages from the people I love and my facebook page was overflowing with well wishes.

I am blessed to be loved by so many wonderful people.

I was spoiled with many wonderful gifts, totally spoiled rotten...
All of them so very lovely~
but none quite as precious as these two beauties who are, hands down, the greatest gifts I will ever be given...


  1. Amazing we got one 'normal' one of the three of you :) so cute!!!

  2. Happy {belated} birthday! Thankful you were born 33 years ago!