Monday, January 16, 2012

You're Special

Today was "special person" day at Collin's school.  He could choose anyone he wanted.  When I noticed this great day on the calendar I mentioned it to Collin explaining that he "could choose anyone he wanted".  I secretly hoped he would choose me and I know his daddy had the same hopes.  Apparently we wished on the same stinkin star because neither of our wishes came true...

Collin bug chose his Nana.  :)
He chose her first and stayed true to his decision over the next few weeks to come.  I know she felt honored, I mean who wouldn't be?!
 Don't let his teary eyes fool you, he was VERY excited about this day!  Just prior to our photo shoot Collin tripped over a truck and got a very teeny scratch on his toe that threatened to ruin his day.  
Duh~rama!  :)

Anyway, Madelyn kept asking "are you ok buddy" and then she just went in for the comfort hug and kiss~

Collin said he had a great day.  
He also shared that 
"Nana said this was her best day ever because she was so happy that I chose her to come with me!"

You're one special lady Nana!!  :)
I'm happy that you could spend the day with our favorite boy~

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  1. What a high honor! Good for Nana :) they all look great in the pix, cept his red eyes. Glad to hear it wasn't serious. Gotto love Mads' tender heart!