Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ladies Man

Today as I drove Collin to school we enjoyed a little one on one chat time.  He is just the sweetest thing and was in a particularly tender mood today.
Sweet sentiments like "I like your earrings mommy" and   "I love you mommy" kept flowing freely from the backseat.  Dripping in sweetness I tell ya!

We said our goodbyes and I headed back home to spend some time with our Mady girl.  Collin has been calling her Mady lately, sounded so strange at first because we never call her that, but it's starting to stick along with her other nicknames.  Sweet dolly~

Anywho, we headed back to school a bit early because it was my day to read to the class.  I had asked Collin what book I should read.  His reply "Oh mommy I don't want to choose, since it's your special day I think I will let you choose."  I told you he was particularly sweet today~

We walked in and I was promptly greeted by the most adorable blonde haired blue eyed doll name Katie (who we lovingly refer to as Katie bug at home).  She marched right over and joyfully exclaimed "Collin is my BEST friend".  I smiled and told her that we hear about her so often at home.  I was interrupted by the brunette beauty Kylie who had marched herself right over and said "Uh no Collin is MY best friend".  They then proceeded to sit on either side of him for carpet time.  After suiting up for departure, Kylie threw her arms around him and said "I love you Collin" and then planted a kiss on his forehead.  I giggled to myself.  Not to be outdone, Katie followed suit and showered him with the exact same love.  Collin's smile couldn't have been any bigger.
But seriously what's not to love?  Just look at this face!

I phoned his dad and informed him that we have quite the ladies man.  He assured me that he had the same problem in preschool...
Have mercy~

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  1. Ha ha Ryan! Those are some smart pre-school girls with good taste! I would want to sit next to Collin too! :)