Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy heart day~

Valentine's celebrations started a little early!
I came home from a massage yesterday to a heart shaped dinner~

 Mads was super pumped about her "happy card" from Grammy and Papa.  Let it also be noted that they both got cards from Nana and Gran Fran, as well as, Valentines all the way for NH!  Thanks Jannie we heart you!
 Daddy bought me tulips~ my favorite flower.
 Black and white because let's face it, at this time of the night we look tired and old.  

 My littlest Valentines~

Collin is very in to Valentine's this year.  Last night he asked "Mommy will you be my Valentine"

Bless his heart, he made my day.  All night long he kept kissing my head and giving me hugs and saying "I love you Valentine".  Dripping in sweetness.  Best gift ever son!

Just before bed he lets me know that 
"You are supposed to buy presents for your Valentine you know"
Apparently that was my hint to get him something?
Oh Collin bug~

This was the card he made for me...
a true treasure~

We started our morning with the yearly Valentine Scavenger hunt.  The kids were very eagerly waiting.  Collin could not keep his eyes open for whatever reason!  

Clue number 1 ~ let's have some fun!

You will find clue #2 where you keep your shoes...

She found it!

Clue number 3 is hidden in the place where you eat with me...
 She got it again!

Clue number four is hidden behind a secret door...
 Good job buddy!

Clue number five is where we end our day with a dive...

They found it in the tub but I wasn't quick enough to snap a shot.

Clue number six is in the drawer where you can find a spoon to mix.  

Again, mommy missed the photo op.  

And now for your Valentine~
Go to the space where I keep all of those clothes of mine...
 Um unfortunately this was their first guess~

 Next stop, the closet...

Valentine goody bags...

 Our beauty~
 Serious about her heart shaped bracelets.

 Neither wasted any time digging in to the candy.

A heart shaped breakfast.

And the day has only just begun!
I will be spending it with my three favorite people!
Wouldn't want it any other way.
My heart is full, overflowing actually.
Happy Valentine's Day to my three loves~


  1. SO sweet! What a great way to spend Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy!

  2. Did Ryan make that fancy heart shaped meal?? WHAT A GUY!! I ordered Chinese carry out... haha!

  3. I was very impressed with the heart-shaped burger too!