Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some sugar

Tonight we were in the mood for a little sugar~
baby sugar that is!!

Look at this suhweet face!!

Yum, she is delish!!  :)
Andi and Michael were both so sweet to let me do all the holding and feeding and loving while I was there!!  I had to hand her back a few times to deal with my littles but after I was done with my own momma duties the newest momma and daddy were always so sweet to quickly ask if I wanted her back~
Uh, you don't have to ask, of COURSE I want her back!!  :)
They both made me feel very loved today and I was tickled to be able to spend time with this real life baby doll.

On our way there Collin and I had the sweetest conversation that went like this...

 "I am so excited to see Claire again"

"Me too buddy!"

"Do you think she will be bigger this time or still little?"

"Still little"

"Well I bet Aunt Andi is STILL happy"

"Oh I bet she is!"

"Are you still happy momma?"

"Yes of course, I love Claire!"

"Nooooo, are you still happy that you had ME?"

A little choked up~
"Oh buddy of COURSE I am still happy, mommy will always, ALWAYS be happy that I had you..."

Forever and always sweet love, forever and always~


  1. Sweet sugar from oldest to youngest and Mads in between :)

  2. alright now that conversation takes the cake for SWEETNESS--but that baby sure does give it a close second : ) (okay--a tie for first)