Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Presidential Primary

Today is the Michigan presidential primary.  One of my facebook friends posted the following this morning and I found it to be very thought provoking...

"Headed to Gudith Elementary to exercise the freedom that's been bought and paid for by the blood of American soldiers!!"

Bought and paid for by the blood of American soldiers~
Just let that soak in for a minute or two.

I think we so often take for granted all that is sacrificed by the brave men and women who so selflessly defend our country and our freedoms.

Makes me think about my dad's friend Billy.

It certainly isn't free.
It comes at a great cost.

They all sacrifice.
All of them give their lives.
All of them.
Even the soldiers who come back.
They still give their lives.
Lay them down.
Leave their families.
Leave the comforts of home.
Give up everything.
For you.
For me.

Loved ones.
The families who are left behind.
Mothers and fathers.
Husbands and wives.
Brothers and sisters.
Sons and daughters.
Precious children.
They all give.

Thank you is never enough.
It's just not.
But sometimes it's all we have.
So today, I'll say thank you.
It comes from the depths.
Thank you~
To Billy.
To all who serve.
To all who give.
To real heros~
Thank you.

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