Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run along~

Bath time.
We love it in our house.
Sometimes the kids take two a day.

They make me crazy with their splashing.
The floor is usually flooded.
The scale soaked in water.
But I love to hear their giggles.

And then sometimes they fight.
He wants the same toy she does.
She is splashing water in his eye.
No one wants their hair washed.
I threaten to "pull the plug".
They shape up, for now anyway~

They are bathing in the master bath.
I am in our attached bedroom going through laundry.
I hear the slap.
I don't wait for the cry.
I hurry in and see Madelyn going in for another.

I catch her mid air.
She's done.
Wrapped in a towel and in time out.

She pays her time and is off to apologize to her brother.
I hear her repeated "I'm sorry" but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

"Collin" I call
"Your sister is saying she is sorry.  You need to forgive her"
"I don't want to forgive"
"God tells us that we must forgive and so we obey him"
"Oh, ok... well then I forgive you Madelyn, now run along"

Run along...
If only it were always that easy!

In other news~
Apparently it was a "wild day" at preschool.
Ryan said that when he picked up Collin Ms. Pam hugged him and said "thank you for being a good listener today".
Then she looked at Ryan and said "it's been a wild day"
Collin recounted the time outs served by his various classmates.
Poor Ms. Pam, I feel her pain~

Does my heart good to know that our boy made good choices today.
I totally heart him.

Tonight after bedtime prayers Madelyn finished the way she always does~  "I luh you Jesus"
Presh, right?
 It just never gets old.

She then very quickly pops up in bed and says
"good nigh mommy, you need to buy me a "suprise" tomorrow"
"A surprise?"
"Ya cause Collin listened at school tuhday.  Ms. Pam said Collin listened.  You can get him a surprise and then get me one too."

Not much gets by this one, not much at all...

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  1. LOL! These two kids never miss a beat... run along Madelyn and then she gets a surprise for his good behavior, not a bad deal at all! Heart them too!