Monday, February 6, 2012

The unibrow

Madelyn has become my shadow.  Not even going to lie~  I love it!  Makes me feel super loved and important.  One of her favorite things to do is jump up on the bed with me while I put on my makeup.  I always let her because what little girl doesn't like to dive face first into her mommy's pretties?!  Special memories being made on a daily basis!

I'm all for the memories and the cherished moments but sweet cheeks takes control of the bag and all the "paint brushes" all while shaking the bed at what feels like rapid speed~  momma just breathes deep, remembers that these are the special times, and is oh so thankful for the baby wipes which easily clean up any eye liner mishaps.

On this particular morn I was kind of in a hurry and doll face was taking longer than usual with the very brush that I needed.  I sighed and explained "Madelyn mommy has to hurry, I need to go to work".  Her reply~  "hmm well I need to go to work too so...." apparently she couldn't think of anything else to add so she left off with the "so" but she made her point and I caught her drift.  She reminds me to slow down and truly enjoy the special moments that God has set aside for me and my children.  Life is in such a hurry and I'm not quite sure I want to be so quick to catch up!!  

You wonder why she was taking so long with my brush?  Oh, apparently she bringing back the unibrow....
Love you beauty~
You are always welcome wherever I go!

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