Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A first

I have attended hundreds of parent teacher conferences.
I've sat across the table and talked progress time and again.
Yesterday was the very first time that I was sitting on the other side of table.
The side where the parents sit.

Ryan and I met with Collin's teacher yesterday for our very first parent teacher conference!  I have awaited this day since I first saw it on the calendar way back in September!  

She had wonderful things to say about our boy.
She started the meeting by explaining that this would be a "love fest" of sorts as she was just going to shower us with all that she loved about Collin.

She explained that he is "more than ready" for kindergarten.  His report card proved that statement true as he had perfect scores.  Not one area that needed improvement.  Makes me proud.

We giggled as she reminisced about how she did everything but stand on her head to get him out of his shell.  I had promised her that he would come out of it and sure enough, he did.

She says he is quite a story teller, an elaborate story teller.
We already knew this about him but we couldn't help but laugh as she told the story of how "he asked prayer for his daddys arm that got cut off."  She says that as he went on and on she was steps ahead of him in her mind, already planning a call to the pastor to get this poor crippled daddy on the prayer chain.  And then, our boy came to the end of the story, and finally told how daddy's arm was severed...
"it happened when I hit him with my star wars light saber"

I mean for real people, she was ready to call the pastor.

She says he has quite a sense of humor and likes to even give her a hard time now and again (in a good way of course).  He gets that from his dad, oh just like his daddy!!  :)

She commented on how Collin is certainly "all boy" and is even sometimes allured by the more wild ones.
Sweet mercy, I'm sweating.
But we were relieved when she quickly went on to explain that this is where his "cautious side" kicks back in and he makes the right decisions to follow the rules.

We imagined the conference would go well and we were right in our assumption.  We left with a folder full of all that he knows and hearts that were spilling over with pride for our first born.
May all of his future conferences go this well.
Please Lord, may they always go this well...

We love you handsome treasure.


  1. aw, what a sweet recap of his first parent-teacher conference!!!!