Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hear it here

A glimpse of the kind of conversations I have on a daily basis...

"Hey mommy do you ever pee pee a little in your undies"
"No Collin, I don't pee pee in my undies, but thanks for asking."

He was very serious.

"Hey mommy what are you doing?"
"Going to the bathroom Madelyn, I will be out in a minute."
"Why is the door locked."
"Uh because I am going to the bathroom, I will be right out."

Insert rattling of the doorknob here.

"Well mommy who is going to wipe you?"
"I will wipe myself."

She gasps loudly
"Oh NO mommy, you can't wipe yourself."
"Oh really well then who will wipe me?"
"Daddy is at work."
"Well you wait there until he gets home and then he will come and wipe your big butt."

My turn to gasp.

"Madelyn why do you say I have a big butt?"

She laughs and walks away.

Finally, me and my big butt can enjoy some peace.


  1. So funny...where do they come up with this stuff??? Out of the mouths of to love it....