Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy birthday handsome treasure

Our sweet Collin Ryan today you are 5.
How in the world did this happen.

Seems as though I was just driving home with you for the very first time and before long I will be driving you off to kindergarten.

Five years ago I became a momma.
You, my son, changed my life forever.
If I could choose to be anything in this world,
I would be your mom.

 What a gift.
A true treasure, in every sense of the word.
I will spend my life loving you.
 You are growing so fast.
Mature beyond your years.
You make me so proud.
 You are silly and love to give your sister a hard time.
You truly adore her but you definitely take the role of oldest seriously.  :)
I know you will be best of friends.
I love that you still reach for my hand when we are together.
Please know, that no matter your age, I will always be reaching back...always.
My heart just overflows for you dear child.

Happy birthday handsome.
We sure do love you...


  1. We sure do love you Collin ! You are all boy rough and tough , but you have the heart of an angel. You are the sweetest...I love the little devlish side of you too !....I wish we could stop you from growing up so fast....I love you to the moon and back..XO

  2. That smile in top pix is the cutest EVER!