Thursday, March 22, 2012

All in the mini

Ahh the mini van.  
The one I swore up, down, left and right that I would never get.
Well today it seemed more than just a mini...

Madelyn and I took Collin to get his hair cut this afternoon.
We are headed home, with a super handsome fellow in the back, and I hear Mads pipe up "I have to go potty".
Aw great.
Ok Madelyn we will be home soon.
As in 15 minutes or so.
"But I have to go REAL bad, hurry mommy hurry, driver faster mommy."
I mean for real.
Collin tells her "to just go ahead and pee your pants"

Oh Madelyn do NOT pee your pants.
We will detour to grammy and papa's house.

Madelyn is instructing that I drive faster and she is making loud engine noises from the rear of our vehicle.  

I got the mini movin.
Collin joined my team and coached her from beside.
"Squeeze your legs Mads"

Hilarious people, let me tell ya.

We made it.

We take care of our business and are quickly back on the road.
Our windows are down and the breeze is just whipping through.
The radio is turned up loud to drown out the sound of the whirring wind.
We pull up to a traffic light and I turn the music down low.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason at all, Collin let's out a hearty 

I turn in his direction in time to see the random dude in the car next to us nearly get whip lash as he turns left to see who just let out the cat call for him.

Dude thinks it was ME!
Wow, this is awkward.
Thanks son.

Time to put the pedal to the metal.

And all of this from inside the mini.
Guess they are cooler than I once thought...

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