Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy birthday sweet beauty...

Madelyn Kristine, today you are 3 years old.
Three! years! old!

It is hard to know where the last three years have gone.
In what seems like a blink of the eye you have grown into the most lovely little lady.
It seems like but a moment ago that I was wrapping you up in pink blankets, swaddling you like a burrito.  

You are absolutely the most beautiful little girl that I know.
You always have been.
You have this beauty that radiates from deep within your soul.

You never meet a stranger.
You have such a friendly disposition.
People fall in love with you in an instant.
Everyone smiles when they are around you.
You light a room and fill it with joy just by being inside of it.

You have the sweetest, most contagious giggle.
You simply love to laugh.
You laugh, and we all laugh with you.

You are fiesty and strong.
You have this dramatic side .
Your daddy says it comes from me, but that's debatable.  :)
You never stay mad for long.

You love your brother.
You always call him your "buddy".
Melts your momma's heart.
I pray you grow to love each other more and more as each day passes and that he will be one of your very best friends forever.

You absolutely love to play with other littles.
You are so very social and make friends wherever you go.
You are also really good at keeping your self busy and don't mind having some alone time.  

You love all things girly and princess pink!  
You love sparkles and glitter and all the other pretties that make being a girl so much fun!

There just aren't ever going to be enough words to tell you just how much I love you.  You are my favorite little girl!  Of all the little girls in this world, we are beyond thankful that we have YOU!

You are every kind of lovely.
Beautiful beyond description.
Treasured beyond belief.

Words fail me, there simply aren't enough.
Madelyn, I pray you will have children of your own someday and it is then my love, that you will finally understand...

Happy Birthday Sweet Beauty!
We absolutely adore you!!


  1. Such a beautiful Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little girl in the world !!
    Happy 3rd Birthday Madsy...love you to the moon and back..xoxo...

  2. Your mommy is so right, you are adored! We love being in the room when you enter, it truly lights up!!! Love you sweet girl.