Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A happy day

Yesterday we celebrated the life of our precious Madelyn.
She was born on the first day of spring.
With spring comes sunshine, warmth and life.
Madelyn is all of thee above.
I pray she will always bloom wherever she is planted.

Yesterday was a lovely day.
Madelyn woke up and was quickly showered with birthday goodness from mommy and daddy!!  

Here are just a few of her animated reactions...

Daddy took Collin and Madelyn fishing before lunch.  We will save those pictures for a post all of their own.  Stay tuned.

We took Madelyn out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I shared the exciting news with our waiter~ It's Madelyn's birthday you know.

Not long before they all came a clappin!  
Madelyn's eyes were wide and her grin even wider!!
They had her stand on her chair as the waiter shouted for the attention of the entire restaurant.  
She gleefully stood with her head held high and waved the royal wave.
And in that moment the room stood still for our beauty.
They all celebrated her in all of her magnificence.
My heart pumped proudly, honored to be at her table, even more so to be her mom.

After dinner the troops arrived for more celebrating!!  
The lady of the hour wore the grandest smile...
 Waiting for her gift from Nana

 Uncle Dude and Aunt Andi
 John and Nana
 Gran Fran
 Mommy and her girl
 GG and Claire
 Poor daddy was so busy putting the big wheel together that we never did get a picture of him with his birthday princess.  :(

Time for dessert!!
We honestly don't need to add any sugar to this sweet little lady...

 Trying out her new rides...

Thanks to all who celebrated with us.
Madelyn gives us much reason to celebrate!!

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