Saturday, April 14, 2012

A bachelor

Collin spent a good part of the day with Nana, Jessica and Jaiden.
They went bowling, out to eat and then to Aunt Brenda's to play.
Collin spent most the night telling me about his adventures.
He said it was the best day ever.
So sweet.

Nana had briefly mentioned that her and Collin had a conversation about marriage during their car ride.  He apparently asked a few questions and Nana told him that when he grew older he would find a wife, fall in love and they would get married.  He asked about me marrying daddy and even about Papa marrying Grammy.  While talking about Grammy and Papa, Nana said that was a long time ago (speaking of their wedding?) and Collin replied "yes, ages".
So funny.

Fast forward to bedtime..
 I get the sweet bugs tucked in and barely get my feet up when I hear Collin sobbing on the steps.

"Mommy I don't waaaaaaaaaaant to get married when I grow up"

Of course Madelyn is quick to come to his rescue, anything to get out of bedtime.

I scurry her back to her room and try to get to the bottom of why Collin is so upset.

He is literally sobbing.

"I just don't want to get married mommy, I don't want to."

"Well buddy that is certainly ok you don't have to get married, not everyone does."

"Well how can I not?"

He is basically asking how can he be assured he won't get married.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to.  But why are you so very upset about this?"

A few sobs later...

"I just don't want to leave this house and move to a new one with someone else because I will REALLY miss you and daddy."

And there lies the truth, people.

Be still my momma heart.

"Oh buddy, you don't have to get married and you don't have to leave.  You can live with mommy and daddy for as long as you want."

And that was it.
He was satisfied.
A bachelor forever?

I will print this and give it to both you and your bride on your wedding day.  Pretty sure I will be the one sobbing as I watch you happily leave this home for a new one son...

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  1. So sweet out of the mouths of our innocent babes....little does he know what lies you sweet, innocent Collin worries you will be blessed with a God loving wife and one day have a beautiful family of your own....