Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter photo dump

Why has it taken me so long to post our Easter photos?
Well, I really have no good reason.
So without further ado...

The Easter photo dump,
the one you have all been holding your breath for...

 There is not one nice photo of me with the babes.  
I spent most of our photo time bargaining with one or the other to come take a picture with their momma.
So this is the best we got, but it tells the true story...
 Oh but everyone will sit with daddy.

 Makenzie got such a huge kick out of Madelyn.
She just couldn't get enough of her!!
 Isn't she just adorbs?!
 Easter egg hunt
Mads was first out of the gate!

 Every time she would shout
as she proudly displayed her trophy for all to see...

 Look at this sweet face...
Lil Claire bear...

Dessert with Gran Fran...

What an EGGcellent day!