Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round 'em up!

Tonight was a big night for the handsome little guy that lives in our house!!


I can hardly believe that a full school day is just right around the corner for our first born.  My heart thumps hard as I think about letting him begin to spread his wings farther than he ever has before.  Whew, that is hard on a momma's heart.  I can already feel the sting of my hot tears that will come along with the first day of school.  It always seemed so far away, kindergarten, and now it's a mere few months away...
Luckily for me, his classroom will be right across the hall from mine, otherwise I may be taken away by ambulance on the first day of school.

I do not know where my children get there dramatic side from, clearly not from me...  :)

Enough about crazy mom.

Little Miss went with us.
 Look out kindergarten, she will be here in just a few years.
 This pose was all his idea.

 We found out that one of Collin's Sunday school buddies will be in kindergarten this year at our school!!  Super excited about that!!  They were so cute holding hands and just being pals!
 Ready for the bus ride!!
Keaton and Collin sat together and when we exited the bus Keaton told the bus driver "we talked about stuff".  I'm sure it was super important.  :)
 Elmo was there!!

What a fun night.
Ready or not, here it comes!!


  1. Super cute, love the one of the boys holding hands! Collin looks more than ready for kindergarten :) still hard to believe...

  2. He is a full head taller than his pal!! How exciting, he sure will take Miller by storm! Watch out!

  3. It seems like just yesterday you were bringing him home from the hospital..it really is unbelieveable how fast the time flys , but Collin is more than ready ! He's one smart little guy.. xo