Sunday, April 1, 2012


On our way out of church today Grammy and I chatted about meeting up to get the kid's Easter outfits.  She said she would pay but wanted me to pick them out.
I know, she is so totally fab.

So not long after lunch I got a text that she was on her way to the Maxx.  I packed up my little fashionistas and off we went.
We had a crash course in shopping etiquette while in the car.  

For some reason I was having horrible flashbacks of this humble pie experience.
Every once in awhile I remember it and it rattles my bones.
I really wasn't in the mood for any pie today.
And just look at the two silly rascals I am dealing with...
Collin as an "elephant" and Madelyn a "banana".
Pretty creative don't ya think?!

We successfully shopped with Grammy and I was pleasantly pleased with the behavior of our sweet littles.  Neither hesitated to show me the treasures that they found and were eager to spend money they don't have.  :)

We left the Maxx with two coordinating Easter outfits and a few other goodies as well.  Success on various levels.

One quick stop at Meijer and we were going to be headed home.

The parking lot was ridiculously busy so I carried Madelyn as I held tight to Collin's hand.  People were gracious as they stopped to let us pass or held doors for momma arms that were full.

I have to admit that shopping with two small, well behaved children kinda makes me feel like super woman.
I mean yes, at any given moment all could crumble as I know all too well how quickly they are able to serve up a big ol heapin piece of humble pie, but in those moments where all is well I pretty much feel like I'm wearin' a super hero cape.

Am I the only one?

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  1. Love those rascals and the elephant and banana are adorbs! How creative!!!