Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday PAPA!!

We are two days late with post only because we were having some internet problems but we are finally back and up and running!!!

Sunday we celebrated the life of the man who first stole my heart...
my dad.

I could not be more proud to be his daughter.
Many are lucky to call him friend and teacher...
but of all who love him, there are only two of us in this world who are blessed enough to call him dad!
I don't take that gift for granted.

Dad and I teach in the same school district.  He is a favorite of all who know him.  I make sure to tell everyone he is my dad.  Everyone.
I'm just so proud of him.  
He is so very humble and even gets embarrassed when people make a big deal out of him.
But truth be told, he is a big deal.
He touches lives on a daily basis.
Makes a difference in hearts that may seem unreachable to many.
He connects with those who feel unloved.
He makes everyone feel valued.
Makes time for those who may feel like the clock has run out.
I know that the fatherless reach out to him for the approval they long for.  And he lets them know they matter.
But most importantly, he turns eyes toward heaven. 
He holds after school bible study so he can teach those who love him about the one he loves so very much, Jesus Christ.
He knows that if anyone is going to truly change a life it will be Christ.  So he leads them to the cross by loving them there. 
He is a faithful servant.

Words never seem like enough.
How do I say thank you to one of the most influential people in my life.  
How do I adequately express the deep adoration that I feel?
How do I honor the man who I loved before any other?
Words most certainly fail me.
They simply aren't enough.
So I pray that when I hug him and tell him that I love him that his heart clearly hears just what my heart is saying.

I love you dad.
Yesterday, today and always.
You are a true treasure to all of us.
We are so proud to have you as the head of our family.

Dear Papa, 
Papa is a good writer.  Papa gives us big hugs.  Happy birthday Papa.  I love you.
Love, Madelyn

Dear Papa,
Happy birthday Papa.  I love you.  I love it when you take us to do fun stuff.  You take us to the park.  You are very good at driving your car and working on your ipad and doing your work at school.  You are good at doing work.  The "funnest" thing is when you take us to the ice cream shop so we can eat ice cream.  I will buy you new shoes and a brand new ipad for your birthday.  I love you Papa!
Love, Collin 

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  1. sniff, sniff
    LOL a good writer, new shoes and new iPad! all in a day's work with these two. Dad is going to love your kind sentiments Meg. You got his big, sentimental heart!!!