Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May baby can ride a two wheeler

Yep it's true.
After just one day of real practice my first born can officially ride a two wheel bike!  I choked back tears, not gonna lie.
I can't quite put my finger on what it was that brought the tears.
Maybe it was the absolute joy that I had for him as he reached yet another childhood milestone.
Maybe it was watching how proud he looked as he rode down the street, head held high.
Maybe it was the realization that my baby really is growing up.
Today he's pedaling a two wheeler but how soon the years will pass and he will be behind the wheel of a car...

His daddy was a great coach!

I'm so very proud of you Collin.
So very proud...


  1. I love that daddy coached him and you were there to see it! This is a big deal and he's just so cool. Love this boy SO much and so happy he conquered a hurdle that I know he is so proud of :)

  2. What a guy!! Unreal... Looks like he's going to need a new bike soon! :) Also, I've gotta say, love that sweatshirt! Maybe a little foreshadowing as to where C is going to go to college?!?

    1. I just knew you would notice the sweatshirt Michael. I hope Claire looks good in green :)