Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's come to an end...

Collin's preschool year has come to an end.
I can hardly believe it.
It seems like only yesterday that I was pulling up curbside for the very first time, waving goodbye to my first born treasure as he was welcomed into loving arms, I then pulled away with tears spilling out of my eyes.

Today I pulled up to the same curb, waved goodbye as he was welcomed into the same loving arms, and again I pulled away with tears spilling down my checks.

My heart has this very special place for Ms. Pam and Ms. Kathy.  What an incredible job they did this year.  Working tirelessly to lay the very foundation that other teachers will build upon for the rest of Collin's academic life.  They were first.  There is something special about being first.  I'm sure there will be many special teachers who will follow.  But there's something special about being first. 

One thing that was always so obvious was the genuine love that they have for our Collin.  They made it possible for this overprotective momma to pull away, knowing that my boy would be cared for by loving hearts.  

They taught him how to be a student.  
They taught him how to be a friend.
Most importantly, they taught him about Jesus.
My heart is so thankful.

I think back to that first day back in September.
I remember how my stomach fluttered as we drove to school.
I remember how my heart ached as I pulled away from the curb.
I spent so many of the days leading up to this day anxiously anticipating what it would be like.  Wondering if it would all turn out ok.  Questioning how I would ever let go, even if it was only for a little while.
And yet it all turned out ok.
Even better than ok.
It all turned out beautifully.
Thank you Jesus for hearing the prayers of this anxious momma's heart.

I can hardly think about kindergarten.
A full day of school.
A new group of friends.
A new start.
I already anticipate it.
I get anxious.
My stomach flutters.
How will I let him go again, this time for a little while longer.

I know in my heart it will be ok.
Even better than ok.
It will turn out beautifully.
How do I know you ask?
Because I pray to a God who hears this momma's prayers.
Thank you Jesus for hearing the prayers of this anxious momma's heart.

Here is my baby on his first day of preschool...

Here are my two beauties on the bench outside of the school on day one...

And here they are on the same bench today...

We are so very proud of you Collin.
You are growing so fast.
Changing right before my very eyes.
It makes me long for a way to slow the hands of time.
Yet my heart rejoices for you.
For all that is to come.
You have a lifetime ahead of you son.
And your momma is sure to watch you SHINE!

Oh how I love you sweet boy.
I will never tire of telling you just how much.
The world is yours little one.
I'll follow as you find it...


  1. Look how much they've grown !! SO CUTE!!!!

  2. So beautiful!! They both make my heart overflow with love...xo