Saturday, June 30, 2012

Honk to the heavens

Whew what a fun filled Saturday!
We started the morning out early with a birthday party at the train park for a friend at church.

Sweet Madelyn gazing at the party pinata waiting for it to drop treasures...

She took a seriously hearty swing and wowed the crowd.
Her brother was the one who busted it wide open and sent the goodies flyin!

 We came home and spent most of the afternoon in the pool before cleaning up to run a few errands, including a visit with GG.

While at the store Madelyn picked up a bike horn and we bought it because her bell had recently broken.  She was so proud honking that thing all through the store.  It should have been my first clue to leave it in the aisle where we found it.  :)

We get home and she jumps out of the van and again, begins honking that horn like a crazy lady.  Both arms stretched toward heaven as far as they would reach.  
"Madelyn you honk it once and then you have to stop, the neighbors won't like all that noise"

She responds quickly and is dead serious...
"Oh I just tryin to wake up Jesus..."

I  heart this child.

Sadly, we can't find her bike.
We live on a dead end street and rarely have any traffic although today a few houses were having garage sales.  I'm thinking Madelyn left her bike near the road after a morning ride and someone came by and swiped it?  Sad. 

So now we have a loud honker and no bike.
I'm sure my neighbors love me...

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