Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week Collin is attending Vacation Bible School with his besties who live next door.  Both Collin and Madelyn play with the youngest 3 (out of 7 children) from nearly the time they wake up until I make them come in to clean up for bed.  They often even eat meals together.  They have become like family to us and we are blessed to have them so close.  I'm truly so grateful for their sweet friendship.

They invited Collin to join them at VBS and he is just loving it.
Look at how proud he is in his t-shirt (handed out the first night)...
Is it just me or does the boy look like he is almost old enough to drive a car?  
Seriously hard for me to believe that he is VBS age!  
I remember just loving a good week of VBS every summer and now my first born is experiencing it on his own!

I drove him the first night and last night we weren't home so he missed.  Tonight his friends invited him to ride along with them.  I secretly wanted to drive him myself and make sure he was all situated but of course he really wanted to ride with his besties.  

And just like that he was buckling in to another vehicle and off he went without his momma.  
Be still my heart.
I could have cried.
But I didn't, shocker I know.  ;)

I just prayed over him that the spirit would capture his heart and speak truth to him in a manner in which he could understand.
Asking God to wash over him in ways that will lay strong foundations that he will forever build upon.
He's growing up, spreading his wings a little more each day...

I spent the evening alone with this sweet love.
The girl is hysterical.
We went and visited Grandma Fran and then made our rounds at Target.  She's learning the ropes, and knows the routine...
When the boys are away girls go to Target.

I'm so very thankful for these two loves.
God has been so very good to me!

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