Sunday, July 22, 2012

Childlike faith

Lately I have really noticed Collin speaking of God often. 
He just finds ways to insert his knowledge of God into daily conversation. 
A few examples....

While at the park playing with a boy he'd never met they chatted about how neither could touch the handle bar that was out of reach.
The boy said "no one can reach that"
Collin quickly responded "God can reach it"

That same night the kids were preparing to ride bikes.  I overheard Collin explaining to one of his neighbor besties that 
"God doesn't have to wear a bike helmet because if he falls off his bike his brain won't get hurt because he is God."

He is at an age where he likes to compare his height next to his friends (he is usually always the tallest).  He is usually quick to add that "God is the taller than anyone".

Yesterday the neighbors were over and as I cleaned in the kitchen I listened while they tried to figure out how to fix something that was broken.  Collin offered his thoughts...
"I don't know why this isn't working, only God knows why."

They may seem small to some.
They were to even me at first.
Don't get me wrong my heart is tickled each time I hear him speak of our Lord.
But not until recently while praying over him did I realize that he is beginning to build a foundation of faith.

He's five.
His understanding of our powerful God is that of a five year old.
But even at five he knows well enough to understand that our God is all knowing, all powerful, and never out of reach.

Build on son.
Build on.


  1. He's doing what Pastor told us recently in a message, look for God in everything. He's always there :)

  2. So sweet, love it! There definitely is something to be said about that "childlike faith"! :)

  3. He definitely is wise beyond his years...and I love this little man with all of my heart!... He is so precious......