Friday, July 13, 2012

Action Packed

Action packed.
That pretty much sums up the last two days!!

Yesterday we went to the street fair with Nana.
We met up with Aunt Brenda, Jessica and Jaiden.
It sure was hot but the kids had fun!

Madelyn rocked the side pony.
 Sweetest picture ever.  
Love them.
Monster bag of cotton candy.
All down here from here...  ;)

 Face painting fun!
Collin chose to be the Green Lantern.
I immediately began to wonder how I would ever get it off...
I talked Madelyn into a more dainty route.
After she saw Collins she was questioning why she didn't get to paint her "whole face".  Girl doesn't miss a beat.
 Sweet bunny balloon hat.

Lots of snacks and dollars later we made it home way past bedtime with smiles on our faces.  ;)
Thanks Nana!!

Today we started out at Grammy and Papa's along with Aunt Andi, Uncle Dude and sweet Claire.  So nice to see them!  Love them all.

After a fab bbq dinner Grammy and GG and I decided to take the kiddos up to the city carnival.  I hate carnivals but the kids LOVE them and get the biggest kick out of the rinky dink rides.  

High way robbery for what you pay to ride but their sweet smiles and giddy laughter makes it worth it!!  ;)

Driving the Model T

 Yelling to me mid air about the what he wants to ride on next.  ;)

Madelyn rode the horse Taboe

And then for the biggest thrill...

 We rode in the monster truck!
What a thrill!!

The good ole "caroself"
 Sno Cones.
Perfect way to end the night.

Thank you Grammy and GG!  
The kids will be talking about this for weeks!!

Next stop...
cousin Makenzie's first birthday party tomorrow!!

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  1. OMG, hysterically laughing at the picture of Collin hollering about the next ride! How fun and funny!