Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spirit Week

This week is spirit week at school!
Fun times, let me tell ya.
Well fun for the littles leads to nightly homework for a momma.
And try being the teacher of said littles who are daily dressed Halloween style.
Yep, fun times!  :)

Monday was PJ day.  I didn't snap a shot.

Tuesday~ Super Hero Day
Collin chose to be Batm@n.
Clearly he took it very seriously...
 Wednesday~ Disney Character Day
Hello Woody!
Insert momma homework.
His makeshift costume turned out cute, yes?!
 Thursday~ Crazy Hair Day
Look at this blue mohawk!

Bring on red and white day!
Yes, bring on some normal!  


  1. So much fun to be able to watch and experience his progress in school ..seems he is starting to enjoy school and for that I am so thankful..I knew it was just around the corner and he would start to blossom..
    I love you Collin Bug...and my heart and soul is with you every single day... You have just began your journey and I thank God every single day that I am lucky enough to be here to watch every single second of your adventure... You are going to soar.. I love you with all my heart and soul....xoxoxo

  2. Spirit week is always so much fun !!! Love the blue hair :)