Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My beauty

A daughter.
God gave me a daughter.
I always imagined myself having one.
Spent some days wondering if it would ever come to be.
 And then he gifted her to me when I least expected it.
 Surprised me with His timing.
 Oh how I've always wanted her.
 Dreamed of all she would be.
 Her beauty steals my breath.
Her squishy hugs blanket me with purpose.
 Her eyes invite me to dig deep into who God has made her be.
 Her giggle is like a healing balm.

 And to think, it's only just begun.
This is just a glimpse of who God made her to be.

All of this wrapped up in one beautiful little girl.
I will spend my life thanking Him for choosing me to mother her.

What a gift she is.
To me.
To our family.
To all who know her.
What a gift...


  1. You are so right ... This little beauty is all that and more !!! Her smile can light up a room and her giggle will make anyone laugh...
    Our beautiful little Madelyn is truly a gift from God that I thank him for everyday....
    She is the sun and moon and I love her more than words can ever explain! I am looking forward to our time together this fall and winter..she brings love and life into my soul...xoxo

  2. She is a cutie !!! Love her smile :)

  3. She sure is a beautiful girl and I love her tender spirit. I pray God uses her to touch many hearts. I picture her as being so devoted to the ones she loves and also a friend to many. She just has enough of everything to go around :)