Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas photos

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!
Love this season.
Love the music, love the decor, love it all.
The one thing I hate about it is all the germs.
Hate it!
I find myself spending an awful lot of time in prayer that they don't take residence up in my home, especially those of the vomit variety.

In other news...

Here are a few pics that we took at my mom's the other day with our sweet cousin Claire Bear.  Near impossible to capture a bell ringer with all three of them in it but we managed to snag some good ones of each of our lovies.  

These two are going to be best of friends...

My sweet beauty...

My handsome treasure...

 He looks a little crazed here but boy do I love this boys blue eyes.

The greatest gifts I have ever been given...
Love them with my WHOLE heart! 


  1. You got some great shots too, love em!

  2. Adorable photos !!! Love the last one of you and the kids :) Soooo sweet :)