Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Singing

Yesterday was Collin's kindergarten Christmas Concert.
We had our school wide rehearsal on Thursday.
One of the many benefits of teaching at my son's school is I don't have to miss any of these events!  
Rehearsal was in our school gym and as the kindergartners took the stage and the music began to play my sweet buddy turned and faced my direction, grinned as big as he could and started singing as if I were the only one there watching.
I teared up, impossible not to!

The big concert took place at the high school which happens to be where Papa works!  Yet another added perk of teaching in the same district as my dad!  Grammy took off work to meet us there, along with Madelyn and daddy and papa was able to come down on his prep hour to join in on the fun!  Collin was proud!

We all got a kick out of watching our handsome boy perform.

 You see him?  Dead center, front row.  
I like to think they put him there because he's so darn cute!  ;)
Proud to be his momma!

A few other things that happened this week that I don't want to forget.

The other night I lay in his bed as he said bed time prayers.  He was sure to thank Jesus for the many things he holds near his heart.  He ended with this...

"And thank you Jesus most of all for my family~ mommy, daddy and Madelyn.  I love you Jesus and I KNOW you love me."

Be still my momma heart.

The next day he went to shop at our school's Santa Shop.  
AKA a store full of overly priced junk.  :)
BUT, kids love it.
I can remember shopping there as a kid, in search of the "perfect" present.  I certainly wasn't going to rob him of the experience.

I happened to stroll by while he was in the shop so I stopped in.  He was quick to make sure I didn't see the treasure he had in store for me.  He did show me what he what he purchased for daddy and Madelyn... I'll let the pictures tell the story after Christmas.  :)

Anyway, later that night he says 
"Mom the present I got for you is really little.  I'm sorry it's not bigger mom, but it's filled with LOVE."

And that my friends, is the only gift I need this Christmas.
Little did he know that he had just given me the greatest gift of all...

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