Monday, December 31, 2012

Cooper Comes Home

It's official!
We have a dog.
A dog named Cooper!

Nana came and stayed with the kiddos while daddy and I went to pick up the surprise!  They had no idea what it would be and Collin was very concerned over whether they would have "to share it".  

Waiting ever so patiently...
 Here we come...
 Eyes closed, no peeking!
 "Can we keep him?  Forever?!"

 Collin was in shock.  Total shock.  His eyes welled with tears and he said "this is better than ALL my Christmas presents"

We have spent today getting to know one another.
We already love him.
Sweet little thing.
Collin is over the moon for him.
Madelyn is too but Collin hasn't left his side.
He just sits and waits for him to wake up from naps and clearly wants to be Cooper's favorite person!

He's having a fun time getting to know Madelyn as well...

Ryan has already taught him the "sit" command.

And every one of us is just enjoying lovin' all over this little ball of soft fur!  

And with that, we are wrapping up another year.
Goodbye 2012.
Thinking back on a year full of blessings.
Thanking God for our health and safety.
Praying that 2013 brings the same.

Glory be to the one who writes our story.
The one who gives us breath.
The one who holds each of us in the palm of his nail scarred hands!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Cooper is the perfect fit....feels like he has been part of your family all along..I see happiness all around...Congrats.. on your new family member and our new grand puppy....