Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yesterday was my birthday.
That's right peeps, I'm 34!

It didn't go exactly as planned...

It started out at just before midnight with Collin waking from his sleep.  He was sick with a sore throat the day before so I had imagined I wouldn't be sleeping through the night.

Anyway, I heard a bit of commotion so I got up and darted up the steps in a sleepy haze.  
Got to his room and though I couldn't see a thing I clearly heard him say "mommy I puked".
Oh mercy, not what I wanted to hear.
I'm now a little afraid to turn on the lights for fear of what I may find.
But, a momma's gotta do what a momma's got to do.

So I spent the first few minutes of my birthday stripping bed linens and cleaning up vomit.  :)

Poor guy, I did feel so bad for him, he was clearly very uncomfortable.  I'm thinking it was strep throat but we are still waiting for the culture to come back from the lab.

After realizing I would be up most of the night I put in for a substitute and started working on sub plans at 1 in the morning.
Ahh the life of a teacher.

I got a bit of shut eye and woke early to my alarm.  
I headed out the door to get things settled in my classroom before anyone else arrived for the day.
It was pouring rain.  POURING rain.
I thought for a minute about being bummed out.
I mean this birthday was bound to stink.

My mood quickly changed as I thought about how all I've ever really wanted was to be was a mom.  There were days I was desperate for it.  It was in my blood, I was made for this.

It may not have started glamorously, but I was about to spend the anniversary of my birth doing what I was born to do...
 being a momma!
I wouldn't trade that for anything.

The phone calls soon started rolling in.
Michael was first to text and dad was first to call!
Dad is always first to call.  ;)
We had a very sweet chat and when I hung up I cried.
It may have been the ugly cry, not sure, I didn't want to look.
But I just treasure my dad and the sweet relationship we have.

Mom's call was next, followed by sweet text messages and calls from ALL my favorite people throughout the day.

My friend Jen, who happens to be Collin's teacher, caught me sneaking out the school doors as she arrived and gifted me with a vase of pretty flowers and I just knew this day was going to turn around!

Collin started to turn a corner mid morning and while still sickly, he was most certainly getting a bit better.

Madelyn and I snuck out for a bit to run a few errands in order to prepare for her first dance class on Monday.
I think I may be as excited as she is!

Mom and dad stopped by after dinner and gifted me with an adorable pair of boots, because clearly I don't have enough.
They also gave me a gift certificate to print my first blog book!
I! Am! So! Excited!!

My birthday may not have gone exactly as planned, but I spent my day taking care of the ones I love the most while being wrapped in a blanket of love by the ones who love me!

Perfect day if you ask me!!

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  1. I love a happy ending! Here's to another year Beautiful!