Monday, February 18, 2013

Lord find me faithful

"When you called me to be a momma you weren't looking for perfection but rather that with every breath I would point them toward you"

I honestly can't remember where I read this.
I find it to be quite powerful and very true.
God isn't looking for motherly perfection but rather that I would point them to the most perfect heavenly father.

Lord find me faithful...


I was recently inspired by my dear friend Gena to teach my children about confession and to show them what it looks like.

So part of our bedtime routine is to each share a part of the day we are most thankful for and to also share any confession we may need to ask forgiveness for.

Let's go back to the first night when I introduced the word confession...

I explained, in the simplest way I knew how, that we are all sinners who have been covered with the saving blood of christ.  I shared with them that God indeed forgives us when we ask him to therefore we need to admit our sins before him and ask his forgiveness while also giving thanks and praise.  

I shared about God's goodness and how while even though we sin he loves us so very much and gives us all that we don't deserve.

And on that night, in Madelyn's bedroom, we added to our nightly routine.
Share something you are thankful to God for and confess and ask forgiveness for a sin.

I went first.

Collin said he needed to think.
He was pretty sure he didn't have anything to confess. ;)

Madelyn, on the other hand, she had her fist pumping high as she could while letting out squeals of 
"me, me, I have LOTS to confess."

Sweet child, may your heart always be tender toward confession.

She confessed to "kicking Cooper" and asked God to forgive her for being unkind.  

"Ok Collin your turn"

Madelyn pipes in, "waaaaaaait, I'm not done I told you I have LOTS."

I know, it's impossible not to love her.

She did in fact spill her guts that night and was very eager to confess all she could possibly think of.
You wish you would've been a fly on the wall don't you?!

Collin decided he did indeed have something he did wrong and confessed to throwing Madelyn's toothbrush far into her bedroom so that she couldn't find it and asked her to forgive him.

Simple confessions right?
But to an almighty God aren't all confessions the same?
Bringing our ugly before him and asking him to wash it clean.

May my children see me as an unworthy sinner washed clean by a forgiving heavenly father.  


This morning I had a few quiet moments to myself while the kids played upstairs. 
*Few* being the key word here.  :)

I opened my Bible and got out my pen in order to add a few verses to my scripture cards.  

Collin came in and asked who I was "writing notes to".
I told him I was writing them to myself.
Of course he was curious.
I explained that I was reading God's word and was writing down the things he has said that I wanted to remember.

I read the verses I had been studying and we talked about what they meant.
Being that we are just coming off of a marathon sickness they were both eager to know where God talks about sickness.
Collin wanted a verse specific to "fevers".
I didn't quite deliver but we read the story of the woman who bled for years and was healed by her faith in that if she could only but touch the cloak of Jesus.

I then turned to Epehesians and read to them
"children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.  Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment and a promise..."
 Of course we talk about this all the time but I've never actually showed them the black and white print where God commands it.

They were very engaged and eager to come up with ways in which they could honor us.  As we discussed the word honor, Collin was quick to act out how to honor us with his words.  He gave an honoring response and an example of a dishonoring response.  

Madelyn then raises her hand and says...
"Oh I know, it's like when you buy me a present that I don't really want then I will not say I don't like it I will just put it in my closet and never play with it".  

I know, it's impossible not to love her.


What a privilege to mother these children.
They were God's before they were mine.
He chose me.
I'll never understand it.
He has allowed me the blessing of being their first glimpse at Him, their all powerful heavenly father.
A high calling indeed.
Thankfully he never expected me to do it alone.
My flesh fails me daily.
It is through these failures that I realize I need to be clinging all the more tight to the one who never fails.

"When you called me to be a momma you weren't looking for perfection but rather that with every breath I would point them toward you"

Lord find me faithful...

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  1. Good stuff! and, of course, we also got a good, hard chuckle out of Madelyn's honesty!