Monday, January 21, 2013


Tonight was Madelyn's second dance class.
Girlfriend's got moves like Jagger, well at least she thinks she does.  ;)

She looked so stinkin' cute I wanted a picture but her and her brother had a wicked case of the sillies...

 Sweet thing can't wait to get her feet on the dance floor!
Nana came to watch and Grammy and Papa surprised us there too!

 After dance we made a dash for preschool open house!
I can't believe this beauty is going to preschool next year!  
She will be in the same class that Collin was in.
It literally feels like we just did this with him, how is it already her turn?!

She walked in like she owned the place...

 We all love Ms. Pam!!

Now they both are tucked in tight, snug in their beds!

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