Thursday, June 24, 2010


Daddy made a new sandbox for the kids.  We had a small turtle one and daddy decided that Collin needed a bigger one, and he was right!  The best part about it is that daddy and Collin made it together.  They worked on it yesterday and I couldn't get any pictures of the process because I was inside with a very sick Madelyn.  :(
The project was completed today and the Collin loves it, can you tell? 

Collin in his "babe-in-suit"
and just for the record, "babe-in-suit" IS one of my favorite "Collinisms"

Show us your muscles Collin...
Who's are bigger mine or daddy's?
I'm thinking maybe daddy's...for now anyways!
But we love your BIG smile!

Collin and daddy make a GREAT team!


  1. Love it ..what great times and wonderful memories for Collin..Ryan is such a loving father...

  2. Love "babe-in-suit"!
    Too cute!

    Looks like a fun place to spend a summer day.
    Enjoy the night

  3. These are great, tell Collin I love his sandbox and both your boys have awesome muscles! :)